Oil You Dub Clammy Works Out To Be Super Hero for Your Scalp

It’s called muggy, chipky by Indian population, greasy and by what all names. Sun flower oil, olive oil, palm oil castor seed oil name of the competitor are infinite and many are sitting on the chair of the kingdom which belong to him, the true superstar and all rounder among oils, the most hated coconut oil by western population.

Most of its complaint derives from greasiness; it sticks on to as if in love with you. You may argue that my Indian ethnicity especially that from Kerala where coconut is most abundant makes me tell that coconut oil is superior compare to all other oils. But wait, science supports me in this argument. Coconut oil is the best oil for protecting the scalps protein content, the tag till now enjoyed by mineral oil counting the fact that they are less greasy.

The basic chemistry of mineral oil is that of a hydrocarbon which does not have any affinity to scalp proteins, unlike poles repel old physics says and mineral oil is non sticky. Coconut oil is a low molecular weight protein made of principal fatty acid called lauric acid which has high affinity for scalp proteins; the light molecular weight makes it an ideal candidate to reach till roots of your hair shafts.


Instead of conditioner before using shampoo apply a generous supply of coconut oil and massage gently on your scalp after mildly heating the oil to maintain that healthy shine. So stick on to this superstar, but beware of the admirers for shiny hair.


About Bibin Prasannan

A Post graduate physiotherapist specialized in orthopedics and Hand rehabilitation from manipal. His pass time hobbies includes reading books, cooking, reading Marquez. He is an avid fan of Sudha Murtys writings.
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