Chewing Gum To Beat Stress?

Can chewing gum beat stress?. Do not laugh it away as a funny fact ,researches around the world are revealing scientific basis for this funny but true statement. In all our lives stress is there, it is an unavoidable hazard whether at work place or in personal lives. If the coping mechanism against stress in our body is well and fine then its ok otherwise serious hazard both mental and health-wise are waiting .

Stress coping mechanism is vital to success of any individual. How you manage stress determines your emotional quotient or EQ. If a person is not able to adapt with the stressful conditions in which he is working things may go out of hand. Increased stress on long run can ruin your cardiac status.


Researchers have found out in MRI studies that a region called Anterior Cingulate Cortex,Insula and Amygdala present in the brain are main stress carrying centers. Whenever we are stressed up activity of these regions increases. These areas are vital for the control of human heart also.

A research conducted in China tried to find out the connection between stress and chewing gum. They had taken unpleasant voice as a stressful stimulus and  noticed that when a person consumes chewing gum the stress carrying centers were less activated resulting in decreased stress. It also decreased the interconnection between stress centers of the brain resulting in decreased stress perception. While more studies are needed to cement the possibility of chewing gum reducing stress, the results are promising. So chew your stresses away in a flash.


About Bibin Prasannan

A Post graduate physiotherapist specialized in orthopedics and Hand rehabilitation from manipal. His pass time hobbies includes reading books, cooking, reading Marquez. He is an avid fan of Sudha Murtys writings.
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