Can’t Live Without Soft Drinks? Make Osteoarthritis Your Life Partner

The amazing popup up sound when the soda bottle is uncapped is often luring. When those bubbles emerge and makes a frizzling sound , the prickly feeling you get when your tongue gets bathed in the sugary fluid is often inviting sign for teenagers. Advertisement, status quo, peer pressure and style quotient often interfere between our choice of health and matter of pleasure. Why all of us love soft drinks ?, an exact solution to this question is definitely tricky. Research has proved that your most famous soft drink brand can be used as a worm killer in the toilet,it can dissolve the most strongest enamel of teeth in a matter of weeks.

Are you a frequent soft drink lover starting to notice severe knee pain and wondering why,Scientific findings has a nasty surprise for you. Frequent soft drink consumption puts you at an early risk of osteoarthritis and it accelerates the rate of bone loss at twice the rate than in a normal individual. In probably a study first of its kind researchers have tried to find out the association between osteoarthritis and carbonated beverages, soft drink consumption.

It is a known fact that soft drinks don’t have much of  the nutritional value. It adds on to the empty calorie . Sweetened aerated drinks increases the sugar content of the blood,it results in weight gain and may put you at risk of diabetes,stomach ulcer and cardiovascular diseases if consumed in a frequent manner for a long duration. Excessive weight gain is an important predisposing factor for osteoarthritis. The point that needs to be emphasized is that there are risk factors of osteoporosis that we can modify like our dietary habits and soft drink consumption comes exactly under that domain.



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Bing Lu a researcher from Harvard Medical School and his associates wanted to establish whether soft drink consumption affected the progression or development of healthy adults. The data were taken from the Osteoarthritis initiative of National Institute Of Health. They screened 2149 healthy individuals show showed x-ray findings of degeneration in the knee joint, having a consistent history of soft drink consumption. The individuals were screened for progression of degenerative changes in the x-ray  for 4 years . They have found out that soft drink consumption is associated with increased degenerative changes in the knee joint for men but not I women where the hormone estrogen has a protective influence on bone health. In non obese men also a stronger relationship was observed between soft drink consumption and osteoarthritis of the knee.

Web MD points out  that at least one in 100 patients have a history of Osteoarthritis radiographically. William .A  Mcgarey,M.D suggests that arthritic individuals should avoid carbonated soft drinks at any cause. But the question is can you still resist that bubbly sound when your friend pops one in front of you, occasionally one in a week may be considered safe, although we don’t have any research to cement this view , the adverse effect were noted among people who consume at least two aerated drinks per day. The take home message is Say yes to painless knee and no to cola.


About Bibin Prasannan

A Post graduate physiotherapist specialized in orthopedics and Hand rehabilitation from manipal. His pass time hobbies includes reading books, cooking, reading Marquez. He is an avid fan of Sudha Murtys writings.
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