Papaya – The New Ossain Bolt For Diabetic Wound Healing

Diabetes is proving out to be the major beneficiary among lifestyle disease next to Obesity. For any individual suffering from diabetes diabetic wound proves out to be the worst nightmare . Diabetic Wound is one of the toughest among the wounds to heal. Increased infection rate, rapid progression of the infection causing bacteria all pose serious challenges to the health care professionals involved in rehabilitation of diabetic patients.


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American Diabetic Association observes that diabetic patients have nearly 25 percent chance of developing foot ulcers if proper care is not given. Almost 70 percent of the lower limb amputations performed are mainly due to diabetes. The statistics provided proves that infection control is of paramount importance for improving the functional status and recovery of individual. Adequate infection control can accelerate the rehabilitation and other restoration efforts to maximize the daily independence of the diabetic patient.

A research conducted at Ohio State University  on mice models with induced diabetic wounds  suggests that Papaya the most neglected fruit among the plant kingdom can enhance the wound healing in diabetes. Although the research was carried among experimentally induced obese diabetic rats, if the results can be replicated to human models it provides hope to diabetic population who are jeopardized on health due to infective wound status.

Papaya is commonly called as Carica Papaya to scientific world has been potent healing fruit for a multitude of diseases. The role of Papaya to increase platelet counts ,prevent constipation,fight against dengue has been well documented. Wound healing properties of papaya are not well known. Papaya forms an important constituent among the very few fruits that a diabetic patient can consume. Based on these facts the researchers tried to find out whether papaya on external application can enhance wound healing in diabetic patients.

Researchers took an extract of fermented papaya and applied that over the experimentally induced wound of obese diabetic rats. They observed that fermented papaya has an important chemical substance called papain which has excellent wound healing properties. The scientific mechanism behind the study was also put into the analysis.

Possible Scientific Mechanism Of  Wound Healing By Papaya In Diabetic Wounds

1.Decreased Total Cholesterol And Low Density Lipoproteins-  After eight weeks of application of fermented papaya researches noticed that the levels of cholesterol and low density lipoproteins were considerably less when compared to diabetic rats that received no external wound application.

2.Increased dorsal Thickness of Skin- Papaya fermented application helps to increase the dorsal thickness of the healing skin and to accelerate the newly formed  skin growth by increasing blood supply to them.

3.Improved Nitric Oxide Production- Diabetes is a disease that is mainly characterized by the  decreased nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide enhances the activity of macrophages ,the specialized organisms that eats the waste products found after wound  healing .Papaya helps in increasing the amount of nitric oxide present  in diabetic ulcer wounds.

4.Increased Oxidant Generation- Papaya helps in increasing oxygen content . Macrophages are able to produce more oxygen which in turn helps in faster wound healing.

So to fight against diabetes we have to select a medium that’s fast in action and easily available. Papaya has  truly proven to be the Ossain Bolt among fruits as of now. Till the next person proves it wrong, Papaya is the fastest wound healer among fruits.




About Bibin Prasannan

A Post graduate physiotherapist specialized in orthopedics and Hand rehabilitation from manipal. His pass time hobbies includes reading books, cooking, reading Marquez. He is an avid fan of Sudha Murtys writings.
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