An Apple a day keeps doctor away and much more

An Apple a day keeps doctor away and much more



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Like the famous saying an apple a day not only keeps doctor but also many diseases away. Apple contains more amounts of phenols than any other fruits. Disease fighting feature of apple is mainly due to the presence of a variety of phytochemicals  which are potent antioxidants. Scientific researches done all over the world have confirmed that consumption of apple reduces risk of a variety of cancers , cardiovascular risk and diabetes.

Benefits of Eating apple.



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Having at least a serving of apple every day helps in reducing cancer. Compared to other fruits women who consumed apple were found to have reduced risk of lung cancer .The flavonoids present apple was responsible for this protective effect. Catechin present in apple in much superior to tea. It reduces the occurrence of epithelial cancer. Apple consumption reduces the risk for tumors of the stomach and alimentary canal.

Cardiovascular disease

Eating apple reduces the risk of cardiovascular risk to one fourth. Epicatechin and catechin phytochemicals present in apple are responsible for this protective effect. These phytochemicals are most easily bioavailable chemicals in the  human body. Apple consumption also decreases the risk of mortality due to cardiovascular diseases in post menopausal women..

Asthma and Pulmonary function

Apple intake reduces the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and increases lung function. Flavonoid present in apple reduces the risk of asthma. The harmful effects of smoking on lungs are reduced to a great extent by apple consumption.

Diabetes and Weight loss

Apple supplementation reduces the occurrence of type 2 Diabetes. People who consume at least two apples on a weekly basis were found to have reduced blood sugar levels.



Antioxidant Effect

Apple juice increases the antioxidant activity of the human body compared to normal water. The antioxidant effect is retained in the body for about 90 minutes after consuming it. The oxidation potential of plasma and red blood cells are enhance by the activity of apple juice at a much higher rate compared to other fruit juices. Apple decreases the harmful effects of hydrogen peroxide  a potent free radical which destroys cells of the human body.


Bone strength

Phloridzin a potent flavonoid present in apple peel and apple wood is considered to be a potent bone growth promoter in an  old age population suffering from osteoporosis. Phloridzin increases bone mineral density and enhances the bone turnover.

Brain health and memory

Apple juice controls the excessive decline of neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is responsible for decreased memory and brain function. Apple juice inhibits presenlin-1 a chemical responsible for the formation of amyloid plaques which results in Alzheimer’s disease.


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Apple is a potent fruit with so many medicinal values. So regular serving not only keeps doctor but also diseases away.




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