Diabetes And Depression

Diabetes and Depression

Getting Depressed-Check Out Your Sugar  Level

International Diabetic foundation meeting held at Geneva estimated that around 189 million people in the world suffer from Diabetes. Most of the complications of diabetes are well known among the general population . Sugar level monitoring, diet control, neurovascular status examination all is vital for proper control and management. Among the complication of diabetes relatively less noticed is depression. Research studies and experts in the field endocrinology suggests that diabetes and depression are having close connection. If you are having  diabetes there are greater chances of depression and the opposite also holds true.



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Miranda T. Schram and colleagues screened    17 years of research papers to find out the association between diabetes and depression,their finding revealed certain noteworthy thoughts. Miranda recommended that depression may affect quality of life in diabetes patients and poorer quality is often associated with decreased lifespan, so all the complications in diabetes may have been exaggerated due to the depression that was in turn creating a heavy toll on patients health and life. Diabetic patients with depression may have more complications  than patients having only diabetes.

Depression in diabetic patients may result in decreased self awareness and self care,poor care causes decreased sugar level monitoring and poor medical instruction follow up. Screening for depression along with other complications of diabetes is of utmost importance to decrease the casualties associated with diabetes.

National Insitute Of Mental Health suggests that feeling worthless, tired,loss of appetite,lack of interest in activities that includes intercourse might be signs of depression.Depressive behavior in diabetic patients can be managed wisely by psychotherapy and talk therapy.

American Diabetic association notices that early referral of the diabetic patient with depression is of prime importance. Unnecessary wastage of time searching for help should be avoided. Local American Diabetic Associations can be an ideal center for availing services of counselors who have worked with diabetic patients. Diabetic patients should be discussing their problems with family physicians than keep it to themselves .

 Maria Collazo-Clavell M.D. Endocrinologist Mayo Clinic explains the relationship between diabetes and depression. She notices the following points

1.Depression and Diabetes- Uncontrolled depression puts an individual at risk for development of Type 2 Diabetes.

2.Diabetes and Depression- Diabetes management require a lot of diligence from the side of the patient. Diabetes can result in multiple complications and affect the cardiovascular status of the patient making the patient prone for depression.

3.Lifestyle Management Simple steps like alcohol control, diet regulation following a scheduled exercise program helps to reduce the harsh effects of depression.

4.Psychotherapy- Interventions like Cognitive Behavioral therapy relieves the diabetic patient of depression.


In a nut shell Depression and Diabetes are like twins born at the same time and came out of the mother’s womb together , can’t answer who came first but both are related, Stress can lead to diabetes and diabetes can result in stress. Healthy life choices, Proper sugar monitoring ,Cognitive Behavioural therapy,Counselling ,blood sugar monitoring plays a vital role in managing  diabetic depression

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Recharge Your Brain And Exercise Dementia Away

Dementia is the most common degenerative nerve ailment. Research done by Delphi Consensus group recognized that around 24.3 million case histories are reported as a whole and the amount of new cases are increasing at an alarming rate. Dementia affects the cognitive function of human brain ultimately restricting the functional independence of the individual in his daily chores. Anti dementia drugs have found very little success. Homeopathic medicines’ including passiflora helps to decrease the rate of cognitive decline but ultimately the degenerative change takes a toll on the brain.

The effects of exercise on human cardiovascular and muscular system are almost given wide and hard endorsement by the health professional to the common man., but can physical exercise done in a structured and scientific manner decrease the incidence of dementia in humans?. The jack of all researches, gold standard Cochrane review has found noteworthy points on this aspect, Cochrane research while summarizing findings of the major researches summarized that proper nutrition and exercise has a preventive and therapeutic effect on development and progression of dementia

Influence of exercise on three major diseases commonly discussed are worth noting, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Major depression. Regular exercise has its own mode to combat the progression of all the three diseases giving hope to millions of people in the world suffering due to these pathologies. Let’s check what research has to say .

Exercise and Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is commonly noticed mode of dementia in world population. Alzheimer’s disease mainly results in decrease in size of a specialized area of the brain called as Hippocampus. It is commonly related with the formation of particles called as neurofibrillary tangle. The tangle forms a cluttered mesh like set of connections in the brain which prevents further scope of fresh nutrition or growth of the hippocampus region. Exercise decreases the formation of β-amyloid deposits which is an essential component for the formation of the neurofibrillary tangle, exercise also enhances the neural defense mechanism against inflammation in the brain.


(Image credits- Najaj http://www.freedigitalphotos.net)

Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease

After Alzheimer’s next in the list is Parkinson’s disease. Even though it affects most genders male population is particularly at risk.Neuron of the sustanitia nigra , (a portion of brain )called dopaminergic neurons decline in number.There is decreased mitochondrial activity which ultimately affects brain function as mitochondria are the energy store house of the cell. The common features seen in the patients are decreased movement, tremor and difficulty in walking. Positive effects of exercise in Alzheimer’s disease include increased gait control, enhanced oxidative power of mitochondria and enhanced dopamine activity helping in reducing damage to the sustantia nigra.

Exercise and Depression

Depression results in loss of self esteem decreased enthusiasm and reduced interest in enjoyable activities. Excessive depressive traits may often result in suicidal tendencies. Research data in this view is varied with regard to the effect of exercise. Nevertheless the positive points are worth en cashing. A structured exercise program with moderate intensity has been found to enhance the mood and wellness among people with depression.

Common Effects of Exercise in Dementia

In a nut shell physical exercise exerts the nervous system which in turn results in the production of protective hormones and nerve growth factors which can delay the advance of neurodegenerative diseases and dementia.


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Chewing Gum To Beat Stress?

Can chewing gum beat stress?. Do not laugh it away as a funny fact ,researches around the world are revealing scientific basis for this funny but true statement. In all our lives stress is there, it is an unavoidable hazard whether at work place or in personal lives. If the coping mechanism against stress in our body is well and fine then its ok otherwise serious hazard both mental and health-wise are waiting .

Stress coping mechanism is vital to success of any individual. How you manage stress determines your emotional quotient or EQ. If a person is not able to adapt with the stressful conditions in which he is working things may go out of hand. Increased stress on long run can ruin your cardiac status.


Researchers have found out in MRI studies that a region called Anterior Cingulate Cortex,Insula and Amygdala present in the brain are main stress carrying centers. Whenever we are stressed up activity of these regions increases. These areas are vital for the control of human heart also.

A research conducted in China tried to find out the connection between stress and chewing gum. They had taken unpleasant voice as a stressful stimulus and  noticed that when a person consumes chewing gum the stress carrying centers were less activated resulting in decreased stress. It also decreased the interconnection between stress centers of the brain resulting in decreased stress perception. While more studies are needed to cement the possibility of chewing gum reducing stress, the results are promising. So chew your stresses away in a flash.

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Oil You Dub Clammy Works Out To Be Super Hero for Your Scalp

It’s called muggy, chipky by Indian population, greasy and by what all names. Sun flower oil, olive oil, palm oil castor seed oil name of the competitor are infinite and many are sitting on the chair of the kingdom which belong to him, the true superstar and all rounder among oils, the most hated coconut oil by western population.

Most of its complaint derives from greasiness; it sticks on to as if in love with you. You may argue that my Indian ethnicity especially that from Kerala where coconut is most abundant makes me tell that coconut oil is superior compare to all other oils. But wait, science supports me in this argument. Coconut oil is the best oil for protecting the scalps protein content, the tag till now enjoyed by mineral oil counting the fact that they are less greasy.

The basic chemistry of mineral oil is that of a hydrocarbon which does not have any affinity to scalp proteins, unlike poles repel old physics says and mineral oil is non sticky. Coconut oil is a low molecular weight protein made of principal fatty acid called lauric acid which has high affinity for scalp proteins; the light molecular weight makes it an ideal candidate to reach till roots of your hair shafts.


Instead of conditioner before using shampoo apply a generous supply of coconut oil and massage gently on your scalp after mildly heating the oil to maintain that healthy shine. So stick on to this superstar, but beware of the admirers for shiny hair.

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The Picture That Told Endless Words, Questioned the Human in me

One of those days I got a forwarded email from my wife, like many mails I was about to dump that to eternity before the image in that made me think, send thousand electric shocks towards my intellect and proved that we all are lucky in our lives even though fight with fate is common to all humans.

It is well known fact that Developed countries dump millions of food products in sea which could enrich lives of millions of hungry stomachs in starving nations like sudan or ethiopa where thousands die due to malnourishment. When whole world was dying a man called Kevin Karter, photographer of Sunday news paper located at johanesberg made history through his lens,The history made by him infact later became personal tragedy.

1993 March 23 drought hidden Sudan , Kevin Karter heard a faint cry while he was filming pictures from the U.N camp in sudan. What he could see was a  girl reduced to skeleton .She was crawling and making her way to the Refugee camp. Suddenly a Vulture reached there waiting to make the girl his food. Kevin waited 20 minutes to catch the perfect frame where life and death met at a crucial juncture. After taking the photo Karter left the scene without even trying to save the kid . After the photo got published whole world wanted to know the fate of the girl.


Karter made history as the photo ultimately won Putlizer prize. The photographer was happy , but the human in him was sad as he could have saved the girls life from vulture. The bouts of sadness increased  coming days and he left to the world of ultimate peace. Carter committed suicide at the age of 34.

What he did was right or wrong? I am not there to debate on that, he could have saved the girls life, but he gave the message to whole world that hunger is much worse than bad luck, loosing someone you love due lo lack of food is ultimate tragedy in life. All the food we had wasted till now could have saved thousands of lives. Now I understand the meaning why parents got angry even if I wasted little food from my plate.

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Hectic Night Shifts – Mr. Crab is waiting

Hectic Night Shifts – Mr. Crab is waiting

You have got one more reason to say no to hectic night shifts or thinking of

swapping job. A research done by University of Washington is pointing light

towards disturbing yet serious facts. The study has found an alarmingly

increased chances of occurrence of breast cancer in women who do night

shifts or getting exposed to lights during night. Breast cancer is only the

beginning and altered hormonal status, colorectal cancer and a plethora of

abnormalities comes along with that.

Why this happens? To answer that question we need to know about

circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is the normal pattern of the human body

which makes us sleep during night and awake during day. National Sleep

Foundation says that the amount of darkness or light influences human

sleep in a significant manner. There is a highly sophisticated centre in the

human brain called as Supra Chiasmatic Nucleus which regulates the

circadian rhythm of our body. The nucleus keeps the human body alert

during day time by increasing the body temperature and at nigh it releases

melatonin a hormone responsible  for making us sleep.

The catch is the melatonin levels during day and night. It typically

decreases during day time and is rarely seen in human body but when the

sun sets the level increases in our body and peaks for about 12 hours at

night. When the room is well lighted melatonin production is suppressed

and unless the light is dimmed the levels won’t rise.Melatonin is the natural

antioxidant present in the body. It destroys cancerous cells, boosts

immunity and helps in weight loss

Artifical melatonin supplementations are on the rise. Melatonin cannot be

considered as a drug and this hides it from the eyes of FDA. So the dosage

lethal effects all are still to be seen. Lisa Shives, M.D, founder of

Northshore  Sleep Clinic says  “Although the effectiveness of melatonin is

questionable, it is generally considered safe in adults. Common side effects

include morning grogginess, headache, vivid dreaming. “

Timothy Morgenthaler, M.D. Sleep specialist at Mayo Clinic suggest the

following remedies to minimize harmful effects of night shifts on sleep

1.Avoiding stimulants like caffeine or nicotine during bed time.

2.Creating a restful atmosphere– This can be simply done by keeping a

Do Not Disturb sign board in your bedroom.

3. Take a short nap before your shift. Napping for up to 30 minutes just

before work or on a break may increase alertness and enhance your

performance, including quicker reaction time, better memory, less

confusion, and fewer accidents and mistakes

4. Stick to the routine. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time

every day helps promote good sleep. Image

(Image courtesy- Freedigitalphotos.net)

5. Make healthy lifestyle choices. Eat a healthy diet and include physical

activity in your daily routine. If exercise seems to energize you, plan to work

out after you wake up rather than before you go to sleep.

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Exercise For Your Heart How Much Is Too Much


Cardio exercises are on the rise and so are the fitness centers and gymnasiums. Youths are pumping iron and are fitness conscious. Sculptured and chiseled body is becoming favourites. On the flip side physical activity related causalities and deaths are commonly flashing in news papers. Can we prevent this? Answer is a big yes if you know what Mr. Heart wants. You should follow simple steps to ensure that you are not over exercising so that you can enjoy your training session without harming your body.

1. Know Your Maximum Heart Rate and Training Heart Rate

To check your maximum heart rate you need to subtract your age from 220.So for a young adult aged 20 his maximum heart rate works out around 200.

As a rule commonly accepted by experts if an individual is not having associated complications he can follow an intensity of 50%-85% range of his maximum heart rate. So the upper and lower limits can be found out by multiplying it with 220.So our 20 year old guy should exercise between 100-170 beats per minute while doing cardio exercise .Always try to stay within the upper and lower limits of the exercise range.

2. Check for associated medical problems before undergoing a training program

One should go for a cardiovascular and chest status screening before undertaking full fledged cardio training. Cardiac stress test can help you in exercising in a safe range without harming heart.

3. Use digitalized exercise equipment

Digital tread mills are costly but they are worth the money you spend. Digitalized equipment automatically monitors your heart rate and respiratory rate and you can maintain your heart rate at prescribed levels. Wrist watches with heart rate monitoring facilities can be used as a substitute if digitalized treadmills cannot be procured from the market.

4. Can you do the talk test?

If you cannot do all the above tests in your busy schedule then follow the simple talk test. You should be able to talk to a person without any breathlessness while doing your cardio exercise. If you are not able to do that then you should reduce your training intensity.

5. Follow a scientifically structured training session

American College of Sports Medicine recommends following three important steps

1. Warm up- should be at least 5 to 15 minutes. It is done mainly to accommodate the heart and its muscular walls to increased exercise demands.

2. Conditioning stimulus- Follow 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercises. The activity selected should be the one that you are interested in like cycling, jogging, skipping and jumping.

3. Cool down- Cool down is final stage of exercise where you reduce the intensity of your exercise gradually and finally stops the exercise.

Exercising 7 days a week will not give you a better heart. Human body requires two days of rest to replenish the lost nutrients and energy. Researchers are of opinion that 3-5 days a week is enough for health benefits.

6. Always listen to your body

No doctor knows your body better than yourself and experience is the best teacher. If you notice any discomfort, chest tightness, dizziness, uncontrolled cough immediately stop the exercise.

7. Keep your body hydrated

Always supplement with water whenever you feel thirsty. A large amount of water is lost a sweat during exercise so it is recommended to supplement your body with water at regular intervals whenever you are feeling thirsty. A light  low fat snack like a banana one hour before exercise keeps your body loaded with all the energy needed for a rigorous training session.

So in short keep on pumping the iron remembering these simple steps. Keep Mr.Heart happy to keep your body happy.


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